Reusable non Paper Towels set of 5

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Reusable linen dishcloths is a great alternative to paper towels. They are a necessity in your zero waste kitchen!
You can use it to dry the dishes, wipe the spilled liquid, wash your dishes, wipe the dust , polish your tap faucet and sink and many many other uses where they are irreplaceable. You will enjoy linen fabric qualities such as high absorbance, durability and quick drying at its best, as well as will save a lot of money where you can reuse them instead of buying disposable paper towels .
Linen reusable towels are cost effective, durable, convenient and hygienic and also earth friendly.

Size: 15" x 15" ( 39 x 39 cm)

Comes in the set of 5

Handmade in Lithuania.