5 facts why we love linen fabric so much

  1. Durability. Linen is one of durable and strongest fabric that I know. I still have a linen tablecloth that was woven by my grandmother and it has no holes in it and is in perfect shape. Yes, we do not use it that often like on everyday use, yet the fact speaks for itself.
  2. Breathable: It will keep you cool in hot summer and will make you feel warm in winter nights, but you will not sweat while sleeping in it unlike when using the fabric that has a higher thread count. Another thing about  linen is that it only gets better with time – it becomes more softer and less wrinkly each time you wash it.
  3. Texture: There is nothing like a linen fabric texture. It gives a very luxurious and modern look to your bedroom. In other words, you can have no furniture, only a bed dressed in linen bedding and your bedroom will look  AMAZING!
  4. Eco-friendly: The flax plant does not require much energy and water resources to produce and is not harmful to the environment. The whole flax plant can be used, leaving no waste. It is degradable and recyclable. It will last you longer.
  5. Easy to care: You can machine wash your linen garments in warm/hot water ( 40C-60C) while using regular detergents. No ironing is needed. That is what I love about linen- it looks amazing in it’s texture even though you did not iron it. How simple is that!