Linen Care

Washing: Linen is easy to wash and all linen products dry really quickly.  You must bear in mind that the more you wash linen the more it becomes softer and  brighter and less wrinkly. So the white becomes even more whiter, and the colored items will fade off their color slightly. You can  machine wash your bedding in 30 °C ( 86°F).

Do not use chlorine bleaches, that will make linen bedding gain yellowish undertone, instead use oxygen ones, if you need any bleaching  to be done. Launder stains when fresh. Linen items may shed a bit for a while, but this will discontinue after several washes. 

Drying and Ironing: You can machine dry your linens, as well as you can hang them and let them dry in a natural way. Air drying them in a sun  will give your white linens a brighter white color and that indescribable scent of wind and nature. Avoid over drying because it will become too stiff and wrinkly. Iron your linens while slightly damp, or leave it not ironed in its own natural , unique wrinkly texture. It's wrinkles are exceptional feature of the linen and  the sign of its true quality.